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Our Party Packages

With our Drinks Packages you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your own party. A professional cocktail bartender will take care of everything you need, leaving you free to entertain and party with your your guests.

Spoiled for choice, your guests will have a great selection of well known cocktails to choose from. Your mixologist will ensure that your event will be smooth and hassle-free so you concentrate on the important things - like having fun with your guests.

  Bartenders By The Hour: Hire a cocktail bartender for a few hours

  Bartender & Glasses: One professional mixologist and the correct cocktail glasses based on your drinks menu

  Bartender, Bar & Glasses: One if our fancy LED Illuminated bars, a skilled mixologist and the cocktail glasses

  Full Bar Packages: Pick your drinks from our menu and we will take care of the rest

A %10 Discount will apply for 2025 events booked and confirmed, T&C's apply!

Cocktail Waiters

Booking Fee €120

Duties: to take drinks orders and serve drinks, clear the area of empty bottles and glasses and help with general clean duties.

Booking Length 3 hours
Additional Time €30/h

Cocktail Bartenders

Booking Fee €150

Duties: to set up the drinks station area, serve drinks in a professional manor based and keep the bar area tidy at all time.

Booking Length 3 hours
Additional time €45/h

Flair Bartenders

Booking Fee €250

Duties: to make drinks in a professional manor, keep the bar area tidy and entertain guests with their flair moves.

Booking Length 3 hours
Additional Time €75/h

Cocktail Glasses

A mixed set of 50 glasses.


Cocktail Bars

Standars & LED Illuminated.



Nationwide delivery available.



Mixers, purees and syrup.

€100/100 cocktails
Food Waiters €120

Need help serving food and clearing up plates? The fees are per wait staff, 4 hours included.

Additional Time €25/h
Cleaning Services €150

After party cleaning services, rubbish removal included as well. Fees are per cleaner/ 4 hours.

Additional Time €45/h

cocktail bartender hire

The Party Starter

Almost everything you need to get you started, perfect for small scale events. Included are:

  One professional mixologist

  All the mixers, syrups and ice

  The correct cocktail glasses

  Drinking straws and napkins

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party packages for hire

Drinks Packages

Our drinks packages are perfect for mid sized events up to 40 guests. Included are:

  One professional mixologist

  A selection of 4 cocktails

  The correct cocktail glasses

  All ingredients, ice and bar tools

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full bar party package

Full Bar Packages

Our all inclusive and most sophisticated bar package available for hire. Included are:

  One professional mixologist

  One 5ft LED Illuminated bar

  The correct cocktail glasses

  All ingredients, ice and bar tools

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